Saturday, May 12, 2012


25 Things to Do in Varadero Beach Cuba

 Top 25 Things To Do On Your Varadero Holiday In Cuba

1. Tours and Day Trips

2. Relax on world famous Varadero Beach
3. Cruise on Catamaran in Varadero Warm Carribbean waters

4. Diving and Snorkel and scuba diving cruise trips off Varadero Island

5. Enjoy a Cuban Cigar at the Happy hour bar on the rooftop of the Dupont house.
6. Enjoy a round of golfing at the world famous 18 hole PGA golf coarse in Varadero

7. Horse Back Riding on the beaches of Varadero

8. Mojiotos in Parque Retiro Josone, Varadero

9. Drive a Classical Antique Car on the streets of Varadero

10. Take a Cuban Bus or "Camel" to Matanzas Varadero
11. Visit the Cuba history Museum, Varadero

12. Tour the Cuban Mansion of famous American Gangster Al Capone on Millionares Row on the
beach of Varadero

13. Coco Taxi ride Around Varadero

14. Relax with a mojito on the beach while watching the amazing Varadero Sunsets

15. Get your very own Custom made Cuban palm tree straw hat downtown Varadero
16. Drink a super healthy Cuban Coconut Milk on the beach in Varadero

17. Eco walk through the world UNESO Ecological Reserves at the Paradius Varadero

18. Go Sea Shell Hunting right on Varadero beach

19. Visit the Cuban fresh food Market in the town of Varadero

20. Must see the Cuban Delfinario show and ride a dolphin in Varadero
21. Watch the early moring stunninly peaceful sunrise on Varadero beach

22. Extreme risktakers can go Skydiving from 5,000 feet in Varadero, not for the faint at heart

23. Rent a Scooter for the day and explore the peninsula of Varadero

24. Take the Pirates ship party sunset party criuse

25. Party, Dance Sing all night long with salsa, rumba, tango and dance till the sun rises at La Rumba night club on Varadero beach


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